Xinyitong Translation Co., Ltd is a professional translation agency. With a host number of full-time competent translators, GB can offer written translation and oral interpretation services in more than 30 languages, covering all possible areas.we can manage the localization project in a high level. With the idea of "Market for survival, quality for benefits, and management for progress", we firmly believe that we are top-grade professional service provider in China Ever since its foundation, the company has provided well-received services to hundreds of large-scale companies at home and abroad, many of them have long-term relationship with us.That is to say, any translating project must be completed by translators who have a concerned knowledge background. As the clients who want to overcome the barriers of language, they urgently need fast service with low cost under the condition of accuracy.

We shall persistently follow our business belief "Accuracy, efficacy, and elegance" in offering you the best translation services possible. Xinyitong Translation Co.,Ltd is your reliable choice, a step toward success! You will be offered an all-round translation service with all soul and all heart.

"Time is money" is an old saying; particularly true here in the fast-paced age of e-commerce. With XinyitongTrans's new "online translation service" you can now order and "pick up" translations with a click of your mouse -no need to even leave your door. An additional feature of note is the quality of the AT-Link team. Our core staff attained their educational foundations in either Beijing, Shanghai, and all hold Masters' or Ph.D. degrees from respected universities in China, or other countries.