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Different Languages Translation Reader / Translator / Corrector


No limitation of age, gender or locality;

CET 6 or above or equal level for English translator;

Corresponding level for other languages translator besides English;

Over one or two yeas experience in actual translation;

Seasoned translator / corrector is prefer.

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Office Secretary


Articulate, standard Mandarin and knowledge in basic English;

Familiar with the operation of computer and all kinds of office software;

Hardworking, earnest, clear-eyed, good inter-person communication skill,

idea of making overall plans and team working spirit;

Age between 23 and 35, no limitation of place of registered permanent

residence or gender, willingness to work permanently.

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Typesetter of Computer Department


Relevant working experience;

No limitation of full-time or part-time job, place of registered permanent

residence or gender.

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